Hot Sauce Variety 6 Pack CHOLULA

Original: A generations old recipe that features carefully selected arbol and piquin peppers and a blend of signature spices. We love it on burgers and chicken but have heard its amazing on pizza.

Chili-Lime: A refreshing burst of citrus mixed with a welcoming heat. The delightful essence of lime is paired with our arbol and piquin peppers and our signature spices. Its an absolute must on seafood, breakfast, meats and even fruit.

Green Pepper: Brings a zesty burst of jalapeo and poblano peppers to our signature spices. While Mexican favorites are popular, we suggest creative uses like salads, in dips or even as a marinade. It is sure to be your new go-to.

Sweet Habanero: Features a perfect balance of pineapple and habanero peppers for an unexpected kick of sweet heat. It will instantly enhance a signature cocktail, wake up your avocado toast or punch up your wings.

Chipotle: A deep smoky flavor combined with the smoothness of rich chipotle, arbol and piquin peppers paired with an infusion of our signature spices. Its great when paired with pork, chicken and has been known to liven up the dreariest of vegetables.

Chili-Garlic: The robust goodness of garlic comes alive when paired with our arbol and piquin peppers and signature spices. Its a natural fit on pasta, soups and believe or not - POPCORN.


Perfect for dipping, marinating, dressing, dowsing and unlocking the hidden and subtle flavors in any dish. A hot sauce lovers dream! Order yours today and uncap real flavor with Cholula Hot Sauces!

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