Kaludon Spicy KOREAN STREET, 215 g

  • €3,96

A BIG bowl of savory spicy udon soup!

The 'Korean Street' project to introduces today's Korean street foods worldwide.

Korean Street Kaludon is a combination of Korean traditional kalguksu, the knife-cut noodles, with udon. Enjoy this bowl of flat knife-cut kalguksu noodles with a Kimchi flavor in a light, savory udon soup.


Noodles: 83.7% (water, wheat flour, modified tapioca starch, salt, corn oil, acidity regulators: E270, E260)

Seasoning: 14.0% (water, salt, maltodextrin, garlic, defatted soybeans, flavor enhancers: E621, E635; modified tapioca starch, chili powder, shitake concentrate, wheat, ethyl alcohol, Rice, dextrin, fructose-glucose syrup, radish juice powder, dextrose, black pepper, yeast extract, dried brown algae, chilli extract, preservative: E211; acidity regulator: E333: barley malt, coloring: E150a; liquorice extract), dried mixture of ingredients ( Fish preparation (fish, potato starch, wheat starch, soy beans), spring onions, chillies, brown seaweed, sugar, acidity regulators: E500, ES01, E450, E339), May contain barley, crustaceans, eggs, peanuts, soy, milk, sesame and molluscs


Product of SOUTH KOREA