Seul Street Sauce Kit, ALLGROO

  • €15,99

An amazing kit of three very addictive sauces!

Allgroo 'Seoul Street Sauce' series include three types of sauces named after three key tourist destinations in Seoul: Itaewon, Gangnam and Namsan. Each sauce was created to capture the unique taste and design characteristic of the destination it represents and takes you on a fascinating journey into Korean flavours.

  • Namsan Barbecue Sauce (310 g) is a sauce developed based on Korea's broiled grill culture. It is a sauce that goes well not only with foreign grill dishes such as sausages and steaks.
  • Gangnam Kimchi Sauce (320 g) is a sauce that can be combined with all kinds of food from salad dressing to rice, noodles, and bread without a heavy and strong flavor. It is a sauce that reduces the salty taste and garlic flavor that comes to mind when thinking of kimchi, and gives a lighter taste.
  • Itaewon Hot Sauce (325 g) is a spicy sauce that utilizes the unique characteristics of Korea that is different from foreign hot sauces on the market by combining Korean savory and spicy flavors. A perfect pairing with chicken!