Olive Oil Cuvée Prestige NICOLAS ALZIARI (In Pump Bottle), 100 ml

Michelin grade restaurant olive oil in your kitchen!

Cuvée Prestige -  the pinnacle of Nicolas Alziari range

Harvest of the year. For over 100 years, this great vintage of olive oil is the fruit of a subtle blend of identical, exceptional varieties harvested mures. Originating from the best European land, this vintage, which has made the fame of the house, possesses a unique fruity taste and releases aromas of an incomparable sweetness. Ideal for your raw vegetables, the finesse of this oil will also enchant your cooked dishes. (Acidity below 0.3 °)

Rechargeable pump bottle. Deliver the olive oil in drip. Extra virgin olive oil, cold extraction, crushed on stone wheel.

Colour : gilded

Odour : Perfume of almond

Taste : We feel rather fruity sensations; Light notes of mango but also artichoke and hazelnut. While the fresh almond is exalted in cooking.

Use : cold or hot

Quality : olive oil extra virgin

Method Cold extraction

(at no time in its manufacture has the product exceeded +27 °C)

Expiration date : 18 months

Présentation : bottle Alluminium. Metal has two advantages: it preserves olive oil from light and allows safe transport. Moreover it gives no 'metallic' taste to olive oil.

Storing : Protect from light and heat. In the cellar or in the kitchen for the smallest containers for everyday use. Olive oil, like wine, does not like temperature changes. For example, prefer the lower cupboards in your kitchen or consider keeping your bottle of olive oil away from the window. 

The aluminum pump bottle we Nicolas Alziari have developed, allows both to preserve the oil from the light and the aromas of the air. Thanks to the system of drip, gently perfume your dishes with a simple pressure.

Olive oil changes in viscosity depending on the temperature, this system is perfectly adapted to avoid any unexpected projection. Recurring problem known on the classic 'spray' system.

the “maison Nicolas Alziari” is the only olive oil manufacturer in the world to offer this system.

A practical and ecological innovation because this pump bottle is refillable.

 All oils are tested.


This one could be small, but significant gift for someone who knows their olive oils 🎁