Adobo Seasoning SAZON NATURAL, 110 g

  • €3,94

Fruity, sweet and smoky! 

This 100% natural spice blend incorporates the renowned Ancho Chili, a staple in Mexican cuisine, celebrated for its ability to enhance the flavors of adobos (meat marinated or seasoned with adobo). Ideal for elevating the taste of beans, beef, casseroles, chicken, dips, pasta, pizza, popcorn, pork, red chili, rice, salsa, soups, and stews. It boasts a gentle, fruity sweetness with a hint of smokiness, complemented by subtle notes of plum, raisin, tobacco, and a touch of earthy bitterness.


Ancho chili powder, sea salt, porcelain garlic and ground black pepper, sesame, potato flakes and spices.

  • No MSG
  • Low sodium

Product of MEXICO