Bamboo Steamer Set JADE TEMPLE, ⌀20 cm [In Gift Box]

Steam Your Way to Deliciousness!

Experience the authentic flavors of Asian cuisine with the Jade Temple Bamboo Steamer Set.

Made with high-quality bamboo, this steamer set is perfect for cooking traditional dishes such as dim sum, buns, and dumplings.

The Jade Temple Bamboo Steamer Set features a 20 cm diameter basket with two layers, allowing you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. The natural bamboo material also ensures that your food is cooked evenly and retains its moisture and flavor.

This steamer set is not only functional but also adds a stylish touch to your kitchen. Its classic design and natural finish make it a great addition to any kitchen decor.

Elevate your cooking game with the Jade Temple Bamboo Steamer Set and impress your family and friends with authentic and delicious Asian dishes. Order now and start exploring the endless possibilities of this versatile steamer set.


Set includes 2 baskets and 1 lid.