Barrel Aged Soy Sauce (Shino No Shizuku) SHIBANUMA, 300 ml

  • €9,98

An artisanal soy sauce that lives up to its description! 

The unique "umami," "bodied taste," and "flavor" that are created by repeated fermentation and aging of yeasts that have lived in the warehouse since the Edo, Meiji, and Taisho eras. It's a raw soy sauce with no squeezed flavor and nothing added.

This soy sauce is produced using the traditional Japanese method, which involves fermenting the soy beans in wooden barrels. This creates a rich yet mellow flavour with woody undertones that lacks the sharp saltiness often experienced in some less finely made soy sauces. Use as you would any other soy sauce and taste the difference for yourself.

Shibanuma is a Japanese premium soy sauce imported from Japan. Unpasteurised and fermented in 100-year old wooden barrels producing a rich, complex and aromatic flavour.

Ideal for dipping and adds robust umami depth to recipes. 330-year old company founded by Shozaemon Shibanuma in 1688