Cherry - Lime sparkling drink Rickey ARIZONA, 680 ml

  • €2,49

Cherry Lime Rickey Delight

Arizona's Cherry Lime emerged from consumer creativity, with both the can design and flavor originating from a consumer contest. Encased within the sizable can is a modernized rendition of the classic Raspberry Lime Rickey, featuring cherry in lieu of raspberry. For a revitalizing and invigorating experience, Cherry Lime Rickey Arizona is your go-to choice, all thanks to the prominence of lime flavor. The initial sip is marked by the distinctive lime essence, followed by the delightful addition of fruity cherry, elevating the beverage to an unparalleled level of tastiness. Concerned about calorie intake? Fret not—Cherry Lime Rickey Arizona boasts lower sugar and calorie content compared to many counterparts available in the market.