Sriracha 200 set FLYING GOOSE, (200 ml x 5 pcs)

  • €16,99

Experience the unique flavour and heat level of each sauce, from mild to hot.


Set includes 5 different flavours:

Sriracha Long Coriander, FLYING GOOSE, 200 ml

Sriracha Black Pepper, FLYING GOOSE, 200 ml

Sriracha Mayo FLYING GOOSE, 200 ml

Sriracha Smokey FLYING GOOSE, 200 ml

Sriracha Blackout, FLYING GOOSE, 455 ml


The ultimate spicy gift for hot sauce lovers 🎁


Product of Thailand

*Please NOTE, the box in the picture IS NOT INCLUDED. The contents of this set may vary depending on the stock we have!