Dashi, Konbu and Katsuo Liquid seasoning Kelp and Bonito MARUTOMO

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Packed UMAMI!

This delicious umami combination of konbu kelp and bonito makes this tsuyu soup stock a great ingredient for traditional soups, noodle dips and vegetable seasonings, also its easy to store and easy to handle.

Katsuo Tsuyu Dashi is stronger than the original Shiro Dashi and also gives the dishes a more intense color. Simply add to the dish before, during or after cooking and salt only afterwards. For 100 g or 100 ml of food, use a maximum of 50 ml of universal seasoning


Ingredients: water, soy sauce, sugar, salt, alcohol, flavor enhancer, E621, E635, dried fish, seaweed extract, fish extract, seaweed, sweet rice alcoholic beverages.


Product of JAPAN