KILNER Drinks Dispenser 3 litre (In Gift Box)

The Kilner® 3 Litre Storage Jar with Dispensing Tap is perfect for serving and infusing various types of beverages and is ideal for home hosting and parties. With a 3 litre capacity (the suggested consumption of water per day), this dispenser makes tracking daily water intake simple. It features an easy to pour tap that will keep drinks flowing. The 3 litre capacity also makes it perfect for personal use, maybe use it in the office or at home on the counter top.

YOU-MA-ME team found it perfect to store your kombucha scoby!

Set contains:
1 x Kilner® 3 Litre Storage Jar
1 x Kilner® Glass Lid
1 x Pouring Tap

Kilner® is dedicated to using sustainable and durable materials. Kilner® glass is 100% kerb side recyclable and is the safest and best option for storing food and drinks.



Product Length (mm) 220
Product Width (mm) 145
Product Height (mm) 284


Do not pour boiling water directly into your jars/bottles!
Wash before first use.