Fig Jam CORTAS, 370 g

  • €4,49

A Taste of Pure Bliss!

Almost 100 years on Cortas continues to make some of the finest jams in the Mediterranean.

Founded by the Cortas family in 1925 in the family home town in the mountain village of Brummana. Grandma Cortas was well known for her home-made jams.  People were so impressed with the Jam that they advised Emile to go into the business. That summer, Emile helped his mother preserve the apricot crop, which together they packaged to start the Cortas business.

Imagine biting into a slice of warm, freshly baked bread spread generously with premium fig jam. As the sweet aroma fills the air, your senses awaken with anticipation. With each mouthwatering spoonful, you'll experience the luscious blend of succulent figs, handpicked at the peak of ripeness.


Product of LEBANON