Gangnam Kimchi Sauce KOREAN STREET ALLGROO, 320 g

  • €5,99

Allgroo Korean Street Gangnam Kimchi Sauce is a sauce that can be combined with all kinds of food from salad dressing to rice, noodles, and bread without a heavy and strong flavor. It is a sauce that reduces the salty taste and garlic flavor that comes to mind when thinking of kimchi, and gives a lighter taste. Take out Korea, the first product of "KOREAN STREET"! With three types of Allgroo's all-purpose sauces, where Gangnam, Namsan, Itaewon, the representative tourist destinations of Seoul, and sauces with Korea's representative taste come together, consumers can reminisce about a new Korea.

Gangnam is a dynamic place where you can enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee during the day but dance and sing passionately at night, as lyrics of Gangnam Style state. In our Gangnam Kimchi Sauce, we added our own twist by removing coarsely ground garlic and fish sauce which are typical ingredients found in kimchi. We did this to emphasise the light and crisp taste of kimchi, whilst maintaining its punchy flavours. Experience Gangnam with our kimchi sauce.

Allgroo 'Seoul Street Sauce' series include three types of sauces named after three key tourist destinations in Seoul: Itaewon, Gangnam and Namsan. Each sauce was created to capture the unique taste and design characteristic of the destination it represents and takes you on a fascinating journey into Korean flavours.

Product of South Korea