Golden Curry Mild S&B, 220 g

  • €5,29

Savory Mild Curry

“Golden Curry” is made with S&B original curry powder and features rich aroma of spices and herbs. It is long-loved by many customers worldwide since its introduction.

It's got a thick sauce with an umami-rich flavor that's not as spicy as Indian or Thai curry. This unique yet well-balanced taste pairs oh-so-well with just about any of your favorite ingredients!

A block of Golden Curry Mix consisting of curry powder, flour, spices and seasoning could quickly transform mundane stew into fine curry simply by adding them to the mixture. Well-balanced mellowness and spiciness for most people. S&B Golden Curry Mix contains no meat or meat derived ingredients.

Enjoy with rice, bread, noodles, and buns, etc. Using it as a sauce for potatoes or meat dishes, or as a dipping sauce for steamed vegetables is another way to enjoy.


Product of JAPAN