Green Peas with Chili & Lime KHAO SHONG, 120 g

  • €2,66

Spice Up Snack Time!

Khao Shong's crispy peas, infused with the tantalizing blend of fresh chili and lime. Perfect for parties, cozy nights in, on-the-go, or picnics, these Thai delights offer a unique and authentic taste. The fusion of hot chili and fruity lime delivers a medium heat that tickles the nose without overpowering the palate. Enjoy this extraordinary treat as a lower-calorie, healthier alternative to traditional nuts. Choose these green peas for an exotic, flavorful snack that rivals chips and flips, and appreciate the convenience of a resealable bag for lasting freshness.

Ingredients: Green peas 65%, sugar, wheat flour, bran flour, modified taopka starch, corn starch, chili and lime powder 2%, salt, soy sauce (soy beans, wheat, salt, water), palm oil


Product of THAILAND