Hot Sauce Brain Buzzer RAIJMAKERS HEETMAKERS, 150 ml

  • €12,99

Reaper Ginger Apocalypse! 

The hottest sauce in Raijmakers Heetmakers range and contains the Carolina Reaper, the hottest pepper in the world, taking you to a higher dimension. Although extremely hot, this sauce also offers a rich tomato base and a hint of ginger to give the flavour depth. Besides making your brain fizzle, this sauce adds great flavour to dishes like rice and noodles.

Do you dare to spice up your meals with this spicy Brain Buzzer sauce?

Very very spicy.

Ingredients: Tomato, Rice Vinegar, Onion, Carolina Reaper, Brown Sugar (sugar, invert sugar syrup, colorant E150d), Garlic, Salt, Water, Ginger, Soy BeansWheat, Vinegar, Smoked Paprika Powder, Herbs & Spices, Citrus Fiber.

About Raijmakers Heetmakers

Hot sauce brand that combines heat and flavour to uplift both you and your food. Everything will get better with Raijmakers Heetmakers™.

Raijmakers Heetmakers™ is established in the Southern Part of the Netherlands by brothers Freek & Stan. Although The Netherlands are not well known for it’s spicy food, it is the brothers’ mission to share the love for hot sauce and other spicyness with the Dutch people and other people around the world. How? With hot sauces that have a perfect balance of flavour & heat and go well with all different kinds of food.