Instant Miso Fried Tofu Style MARUKOME, 3 servings, 4 x 18 g / 57 g

  • €2,45

Rich salty flavour

Marukome translates as “premium, restaurant-quality taste,” which is exactly what you’ll get from Instant Miso Soup—without the restaurant wait.

Marukome was founded in Nagano in 1854 and has been the #1 miso producer in Japan ever since. For Marukome it applies that only soybeans, which are genetically unmodified, are used for the production of your products. Likewise, monosodium glutamate is never added as a flavour enhancer and all products are therefore MSG-free. Try the authentic Marukome Miso soup, according to the most popular recipe in Japan from rice and soy. It also serves as an important condiment and perhaps also as an influence factor on the longevity of the Japanese. 


Ready in 1 minute! Empty one garnish sachet and one sachet of miso soup into your bowl or mug. Add 160ml of hot water. Stir well and enjoy.


miso seasoning paste 95% (miso paste 69% (water, soya beans 33%, rice, salt), water, ethyl alcohol, sugar, fish powder, yeast extract, hydrolysed soy protein, salt, brown algae extract), topping 5% (fried tofu (soy beans, palm oil, firming agent: Calcium sulfat, magnesium chloride, glucono-delta-lactone), wakame algae, spring onions).


Product of JAPAN