Instant Miso Soup Vegetarian Mix (Ryotei No Aji) MARUKOME, 12 servings, 225 g

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Rich salty flavour

Ryotei No Aji is the most popular Marukome line in Japan.

Marukome translates as “premium, restaurant-quality taste,” which is exactly what you’ll get from Marukome Ryotei No Aji Instant Miso Soup—without the restaurant wait.

Marukome Ryotei No Aji, Instant Miso Soup, contains instant miso soup with tofu, green onions, wakame seaweed and fried tofu on the side. 12 servings. Vegetarian Mix!

12 x 18g miso soup paste (Miso Soup Base Packet)
3 x 1.1g wakame seaweed topping (green sachet)
3 x 0,8g fried tofu topping (yellow sachet)
3 x 0.7g spring onion topping (pink sachet)
3 x 0,7g tofu topping (blue sachet)



1.Add the sachet contents of one sachet. Miso soup paste and from one sachet of topping of choice into a bowl.
2. Pour 160ml of boiling water into it. Stir well and serve hot.



12 portions of vegetarian instant miso soup paste with separate toppings in different flavors:
Instant Miso Soup Paste 95.6% (Miso Paste (Water, Soybeans, Short Grain Rice, Salt), Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Sugar, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Yeast Extract, Salt, Spice Extract, Seaweed Extract ), Wakame seaweed topping 1.5% (Wakame seaweed, baked wheat dumpling (wheatflour, wheatprotein), spring onions), fried tofu topping 1.1% ( Fried tofu (soybeans, palm oil, firming agents: E516, E511, E575), wakame seaweed, spring onions), spring onion topping 0.9% (spring onions, wakame seaweed), tofu topping 0.9% (dried tofu (soybeans, firming agent: E516), wakame seaweed, spring onions).


Product of JAPAN