Instant rice noodles Pad Thai MAMA, 70 g

Distinctive combination of sweet, tangy, sour, and spicy in every creamy bite!

The perfect aroma of this flavorful favorite wraps around you like a warm blanket. And with an ultra-convenient packaging, Mama's Instant Rice Noodles Pad Thai Flavour is ready in minutes.

Mama's Pad Thai Instant Noodles taste like pad thai, the famous thai noodles with roast pork and chili peppers. The noodles are delicious and savory.

Pour hot water on Mama's Instant Pad Thai Noodles, add the spice mix, and enjoy after only 3-4 minutes from the delicious taste of the soup.

Consider adding your favourite toppings like shrimps, carrots, shallots etc. Alternatively, the noodles may be mixed with fried pork after pouring.


Product of THAILAND