Korean BBQ Bulgogi Marinade CJ SOUTH KOREA, 500 g / 400 ml

Perfect beef marinade! 

CJ Korean BBQ Sauce for Bulgogi is great as a marinade, grilling, basting and stir-frying sauce for beef. This Bulgogi Marinade is an addictively delicious sauce traditionally made with apple and pear for sweet, fruity flavors paired with black pepper's sharp taste that ensures proper tenderizing of meat as it marinades. CJ Bulgogi Marinade is a Korean barbecue sauce most popularly paired with thinly sliced beef. You can make Bulgogi with this perfect sauce without extra seasoning. It is a versatile sauce that is ready for anything and enhances the flavor of meat.

To use, simply marinate sliced beef in the sauce for a few hours or overnight, then cook to your desired method. Whether you're grilling, roasting, or pan-frying, this marinade will take your meats to new levels of deliciousness.


Product of SOUTH KOREA