Korean Hot Pepper Paste (Gochujang) CJ, 200 g

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Premium Hot Pepper Paste

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Crafted from 100% domestic rice, this hot pepper paste offers a refreshing blend of spiciness and sweetness. Each batch is meticulously selected to meet strict quality standards, ensuring a delicious and authentic taste. The rice provides a clean and light flavor, perfectly complementing a variety of dishes including stir-fry, stew, and bibimbap. Recognized by consumers as a first-class hot pepper paste, it is an essential addition to any kitchen.

Gochujang or red chili paste is a savory, sweet, and spicy fermented condiment, popular in Korean cooking. It is made from chili powder, glutinous rice, and salt. The sweetness comes from the starch of cooked glutinous rice, cultured with saccharifying enzymes during the fermentation process.

Wear disposable gloves if you handle raw paste or mix by hand.