Order in The Fridge (MAGiC BOX Set)

Get your fridge in order!

This set of four MAGiC BOX'es in your fridge will:

  • Save a lot of precious space
  • Lock out smells completely
  • Prolong food freshness and shelf life
  • Keep everything organised and in order

Set contains:

  • MAGiC BOX Clay brown 1,7L
  • MAGiC BOX Clay brown 3,4L
  • MAGiC BOX Clear 1,7L
  • MAGiC BOX Clear 3,4L

By buying this set you save over 16%!!

Easy to use. Lightweight. Stackable. Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe (when lids and label removed). Easy to clean. Heat and cold resistant (-°30C to +140°C). Free of BPA, DEHP and lead. Top quality polypropylene mixed with 10% natural clay* for optimal porosity (*only for Clay brown type).