Ponzu Soy Sauce with Yuzu Juice (Yuzu Katsuo) SHIBANUMA (In Glass), 150ml

  • €4,98

Ponzu Yuzu Sauce is made of from fresh yuzu citrus cultivated by local farmers and contains less sodium (8.2%). It has the perfect balance of salty, sweet and sour.

It enhances the flavor of foods and goes well with sashimi, yakiniku and vegetables.

It can be used as a dip sauce for steak, dumpling, salad, one-pot dishes and many other dishes. Because of its ingredients, ponzu gives off a much lighter, delicate, and citrusy taste when used as a marinade.

Shibanuma has specialized in producing soy sauce and Japanese seasonings in Tsuchiura for over 320 years through 18 generations, since founded by Shozaemon Shibanuma in 1688. Their products are made from high quality soybean and wheat grown in our local region of Ibaraki, located in the North eastern part of Kanto district, Japan.