Rice syrup (Jocheong) CHUNG JUNG ONE, 700 g

Premium quality and natural sweetness!

Rich and Sweet Gluten Free Rice Syrup made with 100% rice and has the rich and fragrant taste of honey.

Rice syrup is made by fermenting cooked rice with enzymes, which break down the starch in the rice into simple sugars. The resulting syrup is thick and sweet, with a mild, nutty flavor.

Super versatile!

  • great for waffles, pancakes, crepes, cakes, granola bars or Korean traditional sweets
  • marinating and glazing poultry and meat
  • topping for granola, ice cream, cereals, salads
  • sweat and sour dishes
  • natural sweetener for milk shakes, smoothies and protein drinks


Rice (100%)


  • Vegan 🌱
  • Gluten FREE


Product of SOUTH KOREA