Tamari Soy Sauce (Tamari) SHIBANUMA (In Glass), 150ml

  • €5,21

Tamari (gluten-free Tamari), gluten-free Tamari soy sauce has dark color. It is made fermenting more use of soybean and less or no wheat, which results in a rich, thick texture and nuanced salinity.

Compared to usual soy sauce (shoyu), it is higher in protein, contains antioxidants, has a smoother taste.

This one comes in elegant glass bottle and is a fine present for sushi, soy sauce and Asian condiments lovers as it is different than your ordinary store shelf sauces.  

Shibanuma has specialized in producing soy sauce and Japanese seasonings in Tsuchiura for over 320 years through 18 generations, since founded by Shozaemon Shibanuma in 1688. Their products are made from high quality soybean and wheat grown in our local region of Ibaraki, located in the North eastern part of Kanto district, Japan.