Sauce Red Hot Wings FRANK'S (In Glass), 354 ml

The King of wings!

If you’re a buffalo hot wings lover, this is the secret ingredient for heat-and-flavor goodness.

World famous ready-to-use Buffalo Wings Hot Sauce to fulfill your winged desires.

Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce, dates back to the early 1900's when the two companions began by mixing cayenne pepper, garlic and vinegar, which is the foundation of this fabulous sauce. Over the years it has developed with additional seasoning to create just the right amount of heat and more than enough flavor, but is still not stronger than mild / medium! The sauce has an orange tone and is relatively fluid. It fits perfectly into french fries, wings, meat, kebabs and more!

Be sure to pour the sauce on some chicken wings as they do in the US or you can do as their television advertising campaign says; "I put that sh*t on everything!