Sesame Dressing, deep roasted (Goma) KEWPIE, 236 ml / 241 g

  • €6,39

Rich, slightly sweet taste with a touch of umami

Versatile and practical, Kewpie Japanese Sesame Dressing is the perfect addition to any kitchen arsenal. Whether you are an aspiring home chef or an experienced culinary connoisseur, you will appreciate the simplicity and versatility of this tasteful dressing. And thanks to the resealable bottle, you can enjoy the deliciousness of Kewpie sesame dressing whenever you feel like it.

Use it as a dipping sauce for shabu shabu, try it with steamed vegetables, cold or hot tofu, green salad, and somen or udon noodles. 

Ingrediens: Rapos oil, water, sugar, tamari soy sauce (water, soybeans, salt, vinegar), brandy vinegar, roasted sesame seeds (5%), salt, aroma (contains sesame, mustard), modified starch, porcini mushroom powder, thickener: E415