Tomatillo Whole (Green tomato) CAREY, 822 g / 480 g

  • €5,59

The taste is zingy and tangy, a must have in any pantry!

Tomatillos, or green tomatoes are adored throughout Mexico due to the fact that they’re utilized as the base for many traditional dishes. The distant cousin of the red tomato is used to prepare some of the most emblematic salsas, such as green salsa and sometimes guacamole. You can find them in enchiladas or chilaquiles as well, basically most of the green versions of the traditional Mexican red dishes are made with Tomatillos.

Tomatillos take on the starring role in salsa verde, but you can use this bright summer staple to add a bit of acidity and sweetness to a variety of dishes, like salads, stews, soups, hot dogs, pork, fish and even eggs.


Product of MEXICO