Trip to Market Set (MAGiC BOX set)

These will make your trip to market convenient, easy and fun!

Forget inconvenient and leaking ugly single use plastic containers. Take this set to your local market and fill them with pickles, berries, nuts, fish or meat.

Double seal technology will ensure that nothing escapes the container. This means no spills or smells on your way home. Patented inner vacuum lid will prolong the freshness and shelf life of the food and the shape of MAGiC BOX is designed to save space in your fridge or shelf. You can put them in your freezer too!

MAGiC BOX containers are super easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher, thus making it (and you!) even more eco friendly and sustainable!   

The set of MAGiC BOX clay brown 1,7 litre units.

  • Double sealing technology - no spills and smells in your car
  • Patented vacuum membrane - longer shelf life of your food
  • Easy to use and clean - convenient and sustainable
  • Modern design - more space in your fridge, shelf or freezer

Easy to use. Lightweight. Stackable. Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe (when lids and label removed). Easy to clean. Heat and cold resistant (-°30C to +140°C). Free of BPA, DEHP and lead. Top quality polypropylene mixed with 10% natural clay for optimal porosity.

You save from 15% to over 20% when buying these sets!!!