Wakame Dried Natural Seaweed GARIMK, 50 g

A taste of the ocean

Wakame is a delicate, lightly sweet seaweed, often used raw and rehydrated in salads and miso soup. Tangy, slightly sweet and salty, with a crunch and chew that you will be  coming back for more.

Because of its silky, satiny texture, pair wakame with ingredients that have some crunch or chew, like pink shrimp or cucumbers in a Japanese sunomono salad, for better balance.

Garimk wakame is 100% natural seaweed of the South coast of Korea with Australian bay salt.

Rehydrate it by soaking it in water for a few minutes until it becomes soft and pliable. After rehydration, you can add it to soups, salads, and other dishes.

We add it while cooking broth for ramen.


Product of South Korea