Yuzu Juice (100% pure juice) YUZUYA, 200 ml

Gorgeous fragrance, freshly squeezed taste and aroma! 

Yuzu fruit flavor and aroma is like the combination of lime and grapefruit.

The flower language of yuzu is "healthy beauty" and the fruits are referred to as "golden blessings from the earth". It is said their aroma and skin have a healing effect, which is why they are a popular ingredient for both foods and cosmetics. 

Yuzuya Honten was established in January 1978 in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. They strove to put all their heart into producing the genuine, natural flavor from local ingredients. Daidai, Yuzu, Natsumikan and other citrus are grown locally and part of the ingredients are direct from their own farm. The yuzu citrus in this product are all squeezed one by one. Part of the juice is then matured for more than ten months at a consistent temperature, which results in a mild and rich taste that will add special flavor to various dishes.

Yuzu is full of potassium (essential mineral), Terpenes (stress relief), Vitamin C (immunity), Vitamin E (antioxidant), Flavonoids (blood circulation) and β-carotene (cold prevention)

No preservatives

No additives

Product of JAPAN